WebSoft makes it easy to create your digital business card.

Websoft is a Digital Business Card Maker. You can create your own digital vcard to attract your customers.

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Como funciona?

Crie, compartilhe e obtenha mais clientes

Registre uma nova conta, crie seu próprio cartão de visita digital, compartilhe seu link exclusivo e conquiste mais clientes.

  • Crie um cartão de visita
  • Compartilhe seu link
  • Obtenha mais clientes

galeria de fotos

The Mini Website product is a great way to show off your product photography on your business card.

Lista de Serviços

List your website services and explanation on the page. Showcase your website visitors. The business details are well presented to helps you to convert visitor into a lead.

Salvar vCard

O visitante pode salvar seu número de telefone como formato de arquivo vCard.

Melhor para empresas

Our digital business cards help businesses to transform their card visitors into customers.

Por que cartão de visita digital?

Recursos do vCard

WhatsApp ativado

Enjoy the WhatsApp Chat Feature in your digital business card. You can enable and disable this feature depending on your needs.

Detalhes do pagamento

Add up to three methods of payment and any other information your customers will need.

Horário Comercial

Your customer can easily understand when you are available. With this mini website, your customers can view and keep track of your business hours anytime.

Links de mídia social

Stay connected with your customers with social media presence in one digital business card.

Modern Theme

With the Minimalist design, it is a user friendly template with clean layout.

Design de IU limpo

Our company created all designs professionally. They made using latest frameworks.

Carregamento mais rápido

We care about your digital card and make them load faster. We give more importance to page load rather than any other things.

Link Único

You can generate your business card link as per your choice.